An App That Shows How a Killer Flu Spreads


You Can Predict How a Virus Will Spread:

We don’t know when there will be a virus outbreak: if we did, there would never be another one. But thanks to yearly tracking of flu outbreaks, the CDC has gotten really good at being able to track how a virus will spread after an outbreak.

Virus Tracker

Virus Tracker is one app that can allow you to see how viruses can break out and spread across cities. This game also has immunizations that you need to receive to cure yourself of the disease. No, it doesn’t give you phlebotomy training or anything quite so realistic, but when you’re immunized you can carry your immunity and spread it to others. Then you can immunize others in the game to help combat the disease together through herd immunity. You can download it now via iTunes, Google Play, even through’s website. The game itself was developed by Bioinformatics Institute, which is committed to educating the general public about the importance of collective immunizations in combating the outbreak… Read the rest