An App That Shows How a Killer Flu Spreads

You Can Predict How a Virus Will Spread:

We don’t know when there will be a virus outbreak: if we did, there would never be another one. But thanks to yearly tracking of flu outbreaks, the CDC has gotten really good at being able to track how a virus will spread after an outbreak.

Virus Tracker

Virus Tracker is one app that can allow you to see how viruses can break out and spread across… Read the rest

Use GoDaddy Coupons to Improve Your Medical Website

Use GoDaddy Coupons to Improve Your Medical Website
Two topics to cover today, one is on improving the website for your clinic to make a better experience for your patients and the second is on recognizing symptoms of leukemia which can often appear to be a virus at first glance.

Upgrading Your Website

You’ve probably invested a lot of money into improving you clinic itself on things like equipment, staff, and facilities. But what about your website? For many patients this will be… Read the rest

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming: Does it Help?

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming: Does it Help?

How To Lucid Dream Better with 5-HTP.

If you want to learn how to lucid dream, one of the most important things you can do is learn about which foods and supplements can help and/or hinder the LD process. 5-HTP also known as 5-hydroxy-tryptophan is a natural chemical. It is present in the human body and is the by-product of tryptophan (amino acid). However, 5-HTP can also be derived from plant sources. In fact,… Read the rest

Virology Schools in Dublin

Lots of Great Schools in this Historic City:

Of all the historic cities in Europe, Dublin may be the one that’s most closely in touch with its own history. The city was founded by Viking invaders as a trading post (the Vikings understood the important of controlling ports and trade). Most modern day Irish are in some way genetically related to the Vikings. There, we saved you the cost of a DNA test. The… Read the rest