Jobs in the Field of Virology

We’ve all become intimately familiar with how much a virus can disrupt our lives, and the recent pandemic has gotten some people interested in studying virology as a potential career path. But what sorts of jobs are available in the field, and what sort of training do they require? Below I’ll cover three options with a range of required education for you. They do all require at least some schooling, and it can be tough to  make ends meet while you are a full time student. To help out, don’t forget to apply discount codes to your order when you are shopping online.  It’s important to engage in continuing education in any medical profession, but especially when you work in virology. The nature of viruses is to mutate and evolve, so information becomes outdated more quickly than in other fields. So while I cover the education you’ll need to get  started in virology below, you’ll also need to be a lifelong learner.

Medical Virologist

This is perhaps the most ‘hands-on’ job in the field of… Read the rest
puppy vaccines

Keep Your Puppy Safe With These Vaccines

Clinics, Pets
Vaccines are an essential part of your dog’s preventive healthcare. In addition to protecting your dog from illness, vaccines contribute to “herd immunity” helping prevent the spread of disease to other pets or dogs that may not be able to be vaccinated. Read on below to see the different vaccines available and how they can help your puppy stay healthy.

Keeping Your Vaccines on Budget

The costs of pet vaccines tend to scare people away, but when you start to add it up, it actually isn’t all that expensive. You can use products coupons you find when you click here to keep the costs down as well.

What are Vaccines? 

A vaccine is an injected material that is designed to create an immune response in your puppy. Most puppies are vaccinated through their mother’s the first few weeks of life as their mother’s milk features the antibodies she has from her vaccinations. Once this has worn off, a vaccine is then given to your puppy to stimulate their immune system. It is sort of like… Read the rest

Use GoDaddy Coupons to Improve Your Medical Website

Two topics to cover today, one is on improving the website for your clinic to make a better experience for your patients and the second is on recognizing symptoms of leukemia which can often appear to be a virus at first glance.

Upgrading Your Website with Promo Codes:

You’ve probably invested a lot of money into improving you clinic itself on things like equipment, staff, and facilities. But what about your website? For many patients this will be the first contact they have with your clinic, and it’s worth it to put the time (and yes a bit of money) into making sure that it is a positive experience for them. These days, getting a domain name and web hosting space is cheaper than ever and you really don’t need much to set up a very professional looking website. A deals site like can help you out as well. Another site like can help you out as well.A domain name, some shared Linux hosting, and a copy of the free content management system… Read the rest
how to lucid dream

5-HTP and Lucid Dreaming: Does it Help?


How To Lucid Dream Better with 5-HTP.

If you want to learn how to lucid dream, one of the most important things you can do is learn about which foods and supplements can help and/or hinder the LD process. 5-HTP also known as 5-hydroxy-tryptophan is a natural chemical. It is present in the human body and is the by-product of tryptophan (amino acid). However, 5-HTP can also be derived from plant sources. In fact, it is found in Griffonia simplicifolia’a seeds. The chemical mainly affects the levels of serotonin thus a favorite for lucid dreamers. A dietary supplement is an immediate precursor to serotonin.

How it works

5-HTP increases the levels of serotonin inside the brain. Serotonin functions to regulate factors such as appetite, sleep and mood. This means that it can make you sad or happy and eat more or less. When it comes to sleep, it guarantees that people have good sleep.

Lucid dreaming and 5-HTP

5-HTP has become quite popular in the lucid dreaming community. Serotonin affects sleep by changing sleep… Read the rest

An App That Shows How a Killer Flu Spreads


You Can Predict How a Virus Will Spread:

We don’t know when there will be a virus outbreak: if we did, there would never be another one. But thanks to yearly tracking of flu outbreaks, the CDC has gotten really good at being able to track how a virus will spread after an outbreak.

Virus Tracker

Virus Tracker is one app that can allow you to see how viruses can break out and spread across cities. This game also has immunizations that you need to receive to cure yourself of the disease. No, it doesn’t give you phlebotomy training or anything quite so realistic, but when you’re immunized you can carry your immunity and spread it to others. Then you can immunize others in the game to help combat the disease together through herd immunity. You can download it now via iTunes, Google Play, even through’s website. The game itself was developed by Bioinformatics Institute, which is committed to educating the general public about the importance of collective immunizations in combating the outbreak… Read the rest

Virology Schools in Dublin

Cities, Dublin

Lots of Great Schools in this Historic City:

Of all the historic cities in Europe, Dublin may be the one that’s most closely in touch with its own history. The city was founded by Viking invaders as a trading post (the Vikings understood the importance of controlling ports and trade). Most modern day Irish are in some way genetically related to the Vikings. There, we saved you the cost of a DNA test. The city has undergone quite a few modernizations over the past ten years. The city has Google and Yahoo offices, which has led to some truly astounding modern architecture. Uniqlo promo code

1. Trinity College:

One of the oldest universities in Europe is surrounded on all sides by a modern city. But once you step inside you realize just how historic these old buildings are. But don’t let that fool you: the Microbiology Department at Trinity College is modern and world class. Visit the Microbiology Department of Trinity College here.

2. UCD National Virus Reference Laboratory

Located at University College Dublin, the… Read the rest