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Use GoDaddy Coupons to Improve Your Medical Website

Two topics to cover today, one is on improving the website for your clinic to make a better experience for your patients and the second is on recognizing symptoms of leukemia which can often appear to be a virus at first glance.

Upgrading Your Website with Promo Codes:

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6 Possible Signs of Leukemia That Overlap with Viruses

Around 60,000 people in the United States receive a diagnosis of leukemia annually. While you have good odds of surviving leukemia, with a five-year survival rate of 60 percent, you can enhance your chances of a favorable treatment outcome by remaining vigilant for the symptoms of leukemia. There are several forms of leukemia so that leukemia symptoms can vary, but there are some common signs of leukemia to look out for.


Although a high temperature is a common symptom of infection, persistent fever, particularly if accompanied by night sweats, requires medical investigation. Leukemia may induce a raised temperature by triggering the release of chemical messengers from your white blood cells that signal a rise in your body temperature.


You may feel tired for various reasons, but if you have unexplained lethargy that doesn’t improve with extra rest and sleep, you should see your doctor. A blood test may reveal anemia, which is one cause of tiredness and an additional symptom of leukemia.

Frequent infections

You are more likely to pick up infections if you are run down. However, a weakened immune system that occurs when your white blood cells develop abnormally, as in leukemia, can also leave you more prone to catching bugs.

Bleeding more easily

Some people are prone to nosebleeds, but if you suddenly begin experiencing them, this is a possible sign of leukemia. You may also bruise more easily. These symptoms arise because your platelets that control blood clotting may not develop properly in leukemia.

Bone pain

If you haven’t experienced an injury and don’t have any pre-existing conditions affecting your bones, you shouldn’t ignore bone pain. Painful bones occur in leukemia when excessive numbers of white blood cells congregate in your bone marrow, which places pressure on your bones.

Poor appetite and weight loss

If you can’t explain why you are eating less than usual or have lost over 10 pounds in weight unintentionally, these symptoms are potential signs of leukemia. Cancer changes your metabolism, contributing to reduced appetite and weight loss. However, symptoms of leukemia can also impact on your dietary intake. For instance, always feeling tired can make it harder to prepare and eat a meal, and developing an enlarged liver or spleen can make you feel fuller quicker.

While you are most likely to experience a combination of symptoms in leukemia, you should stay on the safe side and get any new signs of illness investigated by your doctor. The chances are your symptoms will have a benign cause, but if you do receive a diagnosis of leukemia, early treatment enhances your chances of successful treatment.


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