Jobs in the Field of Virology

We’ve all become intimately familiar with how much a virus can disrupt our lives, and the recent pandemic has gotten some people interested in studying virology as a potential career path. But what sorts of jobs are available in the field, and what sort of training do they require? Below I’ll cover three options with a range of required education for you. They do all require at least some schooling, and it can be tough to  make ends meet while you are a full time student. To help out, don’t forget to apply discount codes to your order when you are shopping online.  It’s important to engage in continuing education in any medical profession, but especially when you work in virology. The nature of viruses is to mutate and evolve, so information becomes outdated more quickly than in other fields. So while I cover the education you’ll need to get  started in virology below, you’ll also need to be a lifelong learner.

Medical Virologist

This is perhaps the most ‘hands-on’ job in the field of… Read the rest