About Us:

What is Our Mission?

To put it plainly, Virology is the study of the types, behaviors and properties of viruses. We at Clinical Virology are devoted not only to understanding viruses, but also how viruses are discovered, diagnosed and treated by health care practitioners.

In short we are devoted to helping health care practitioners understand and implement the latest discoveries and cutting edge treatments to more effectively handle and treat patients whom have come down with a virus.

We believe that this bringing together of two worlds is absolutely essential to minimizing the damage from potentially deadly virus outbreaks. It is also vital for helping us understand and prepare for flu season each year.

Imagine a day when doctors are able to accurately predict which flu strain will spread each year and vaccinate all vulnerable people? ‘Flu season’ would become a thing of the past!

Important Links:

  • CDC – The official website of the Center for Disease Control. Lots of important warnings and news items related to viruses are published here.
  • WHO
  • – The World Health Organization. More specifically this page links to the Ebola section…one of the most important viruses for virus researchers. Understanding how this deadly virus works and spreads could help us not only control Ebola, but other deadly viruses as well.

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