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Keep Your Puppy Safe With These Vaccines

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Vaccines are an essential part of your dog’s preventive healthcare. In addition to protecting your dog from illness, vaccines contribute to “herd immunity” helping prevent the spread of disease to other pets or dogs that may not be able to be vaccinated. Read on below to see the different vaccines available and how they can help your puppy stay healthy.

Keeping Your Vaccines on Budget

The costs of pet vaccines tend to scare people away, but when you start to add it up, it actually isn’t all that expensive. You can use products coupons you find when you click here to keep the costs down as well.

What are Vaccines? 

A vaccine is an injected material that is designed to create an immune response in your puppy. Most puppies are vaccinated through their mother’s the first few weeks of life as their mother’s milk features the antibodies she has from her vaccinations. Once this has worn off, a vaccine is then given to your puppy to stimulate their immune system. It is sort of like… Read the rest